Where we get our ingredients

Where we get our ingredients

Inspired by the farm to table movement, our founding mission was to deliver a farm to face skin care experience to people who want the same level of unprocessed and natural ingredients from their beauty products that they want in their food.

In pursuit of this goal, we partnered with local farmers in Bulgaria to source the purest sunflower oil in the world. Bulgaria has always been famous for growing some of the world’s highest quality plants. The country’s ideal climate for growing flowers and fertile soil make it one of the world’s largest producers of sunflower, rose and lavender.

So what makes the oil so amazing? At the heart of each bottle of our Sunset Oil is a magical dose of unrefined, cold pressed Bulgarian sunflower oil.

Much of the sunflower oil used in cosmetic products is extracted using heating of the sunflower seeds. This method is quick and efficient but in doing so can add chemical solvents to the process oil and remove many of the nutrients from the sunflower oil.

Conversely, our farming partners in Bulgaria select the highest quality peeled sunflower seeds and use a cold-press technique and filtration method to extract the oil without any chemical treatment and maintain all of the sunflower’s natural properties and nutrients.

The resulting Sunset Oil is made with 100% unblemished and pure sunflower oil that we are proud to deliver directly from our farmers in Bulgaria to your front door.

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